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What are Cable Tray Systems?

Cable Tray Systems provide excellent solution for supporting cables or wires for power distribution and communication. They can be installed either overhead or under-flooor. Cable Trays are mostly used when a large quantity of cables or wires is to be installed, and a frequent access to the wiring system is anticipated, new cables can be easily installed by laying them in the trays, and old cables can be simply taken out of the trays, no pulling is required as in the case of a pipe. Cable Trays can be simple or highly customized, and are commonly used for cable management in light duty, commercial and heavy duty industrial applications .
A Cable Tray System is made up of a unit or assembly of units or sections and associated fittings to form a rigid structural system that is used to securely support cables and wires. The main sections of a Cable Tray are Straight, Reducer and Junction.
A straight section of a Cable Tray is the main component that has a fixed width, length and depth, and is designed to support cables or act as a tray separator.
PRO 10 CM20 (0.187)
A straight section
A Reducer is a Cable Tray System's component that has a varying width, with fixed length and depth. Its used to connect other cable tray sections of different widths.
PRO 10 CM29 (0.187
A reducer
A junction or fitting is pre-fabricated section that maintains support of cables at changes of elevation or direction of a tray. Angled Fitting are made in 30, 45 and 90 degree forms.
PRO 10 CM25 Angle Fitting
Angle Fitting
PRO 10 CM25 4-way Fitting
4-way Fitting
PRO 10 CM25 T Fitting
T Fitting
PRO 10 CM25 Elevation Change
Elevation Change
Below are some of the Cable Tray Styles:

Basket Cable Trays

These are ventilated cable trays made of steels with powder coat finish or zinc plating. They have grid pattern openings to allow some dust to fall through the tray, and air to circulate around the installed cables while cooling them and preventing heat-related issues. They can easily be installed along walls, run below raised floors or suspended from the ceiling.

Snake Trays

Its a very flexible type of a basket cable tray that can be turned in may different directions by simply using hands, no junctions are needed.
Example of a Cable Tray System Layout - PRO-10™
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