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When running cables, wires or hose lines at home, office, construction site or in a factory you may find yourself in a situation where you need to protect them from damage by vehicles and pedestrian traffic, and also prevent trips and falls. Finding a perfect solution to provide protection to your cables may somehow be very challenging and frustrating. If you are in the same situation, your time to worry is over as you have come to right place. Cable Manager Inc offers different types of cable protectors, from low profile, medium profile to heavy duty cord and cable protectors, that fit almsot all kind of applications, from home and office, conference room, at a party, construction sites, wahrehouses as well as millitary applications.

All our cable and cord covers are made in the USA by US top brands using high quality, durable, non-toxic materials that withstand all kind of weather. These cord and cable protectors provide a safer crossing for heavy duty equipments, vehicles and pedestrian traffic while keeping valuable cables, wires and hose lines from damage.

Some of the top lines in the world offered by are Yellow Jacket, Linebacker, Bumble Bee, Grip Guard, etc.

I know you may still be wondering what exactly are the low profile, medium profile, heavy duty cable protectors and what sets them apart. Below is a breakdown of their main differences.

Low Capatity(Low Profile) Cord Covers

These are the type of cable protectors that are ideal for use at home, conference room or at a party. They are easy to use, no tools are required for installation and are designed specifically for pedestrian traffic.

Medium Capatity(Medium Profile) Cable Covers

These are the type of cord covers that apart from keeping your cables and wires well protected and organized they also allow both lightweight vehicles and pedestrian traffic to path through. They are easy to use and no tools are required for installation.

High Capatity(High Profile) Cable Protectors

These type of cord covers protect cables, wires and hose lines while allowing heavy duty equipments, vehicles and pedestrian traffic to pass through. They are used in construction sites, on busy streets and by millitary.

ADA(American with Disability Act) Compliant Cable Protectors offers special cable protectors, Ramps and Rails that allow hazard-free passage across electrical wires and cables for people with disabilities. These type of cable protectors comply with ADA.
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