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What is the deal with Elasco® Cable Protectors - Cable Guards ?

Elasco® cable guards - cable protectors come in a black base and orange lid and are offered from one channel all the way up to seven channels. We can divide Elasco® cable guards - cable protectors into the following categories:

Heavy Duty Cable Protectors » Ultra Guards And Mighty Guards

Elasco® Heavy Duty Mighy Guard Cable Protectors come in sizes of 2" or greater. The Heavy Duty Ultra Guard Cable Protectors come in five and seven channels and can withstand up to 20,000 lb. of pressure per tire. They are also the only cable protectors in the industry that come with the push button lid that when closed remains securely shut. Both Mighy Guard and Ultra Guard Cable Protectors are now also avaiable in ADA compliant ramps.
ELASCO® ELASGLOW: Five Channel, 1 3/8 Inches Heavy Duty Cable Guard, GLOW, ADA Compliant, Blue

Light Duty » Lite Guards

Elasco® Lite Guard cable protectors come in size of 1 3/8" or smaller. They are smaller in size and weight but still designed for huge load bearing strength. These cable protectors are commonly used for vehicle or pedestrian traffic. One of the unique features of the Lite Guard and Mighty Guard Cable Protectors is that the lid seals into the base of the product, this prevents the lid from curling up and creating a trip hazard.

Drop Overs » Elasco® Dropovers

Elasco® Dropovers come in four sizes with standard colors of either red or black.

Xtreme Duty » Xtreme Guards

ELASCO® Xtreme Duty Cable Protectors designed to withstand load bearing of between 300 - 500 tons for large mining trucks


Elasco® has recently launched glow in the dark cable protectors available in multiple sizes. These self charging products only need 10 seconds of natural light to fully charge and will hold the glow throughout the night.
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