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Sometimes, it might be tricky to find the right cable protectors for your office, warehouse, entertainment, construction, industrial, production or operational facilities, but it doesn't have to be when you have the right information with the right suppliers.

Our Linebacker Cable Protectors provide a wide range of solutions to protect cables, wires, hose lines and those who find their feet near them in places where they are used. Cables manager Inc offers high quality Linebacker Cable Protectors that are used to keep your cords covered and protected against tripping hazards among others in the home, school, office, construction site, warehouse, event venue etc, while keeping your floors looking neat!

From commercial to industrial applications, it may be necessary to have a cable run across areas that are frequently used by vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Whether they are placed in indoor or outdoor cables need to safeguarded against damage.

Depends on your needs you can use Linebacker cable protectors with lid, dropover cable protectors, accessibility cable ramps or even Yellow Jacket and Guard Dog Cable Protectors. Our cable protectors can support incredible force and weight. You can cover multiple cables or a single large cable at your convenience.

View some of our Linebacker Cable Protectors:

Heavy Duty Cable Protector with Lids

Our heavy duty linebacker cable protectors with lids offer perfect protection of cable, wire and hose line against the risk it poses to people and vehicles. Designed to prevent exposure to accidents such as electrical shock, our unique and powerful cable protector range are ideal for cable management system to uphold the highest safety standards. Developed with a convenient and sturdy lid our heavy duty Linebacker cable protectors facilitate easy crossing for pedestrian traffic and Vehicles, and at the same time maintain high load-bearing capacity for heavy equipments.

These superior linebacker cable protectors are manufactured in the USA for durable indoor and outdoor applications.

View some of our Heavy Duty Linebacker Cable Protectors:

Linebacker Drop Over Cable Protectors

Our Dropover Cable Protectors offer drop-over and split top designs to secure and accommodate cables, hoses and wires.

With construction including a single piece, it is more convenient, efficient and simpler to secure cables and transport to site. Our dropover cable protectors are not only durable but also lightweight for quick deployment with no tools required.

These drop overs can support a load capacity up to 11,700 lb/Tire(5,307 kg) and 23,400 lb/Axle(10,614 kg).

View some of our Linebacker Drop Over Cable Protectors:

Accessibility Ramps for Linebacker Cable Protector

From small to large events such as outdoor concert, street fair or convention, this cable protector system with heavy duty cord cover and ADA ramps as well as rails to ensure the safety of your cables and patrons is a must have!

These cable ramps help to limit the possibility of customers tripping and falling over cables and hoses. With compact size and lighter weight consistency, they do not compromise on durability.

An interlocking feature prevents the cable protector accessibility ramps from being compromised while rails keep the mechanism securely in place. They are weather resistant with gradual slope and slip-resistant surfaces.

View some of our Linebacker Accessibility Ramps:

Linebacker Accessories

Shop a wide range of linebacker accessories that make simple and efficient way of protecting your cables, wires and hoses.

These accessories ensure that cables remain fully covered even when running in opposite directions. Our Linebacker cable management systems including an interlocking design with a T connector allowing every section to lock into each other very easily.

Protect your cables by using our linebacker cable protector accessories with splits and end caps for each run.

View some of our Linebacker Accessories:

Now you can easily secure, manage and assemble your cables, wires, hoses and more with our incredible quality range of Linebacker cable protectors, Drop overs and Accessibility Cable Ramps.

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