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What are Cable Ties?

Cable ties (sometines known as wire ties, hose ties, steggel ties, zap straps or zip ties) are type of tools used to hold cables, wires and other objects in place. They are also used to reduce movements in vibration heavy environments. Common cable ties are made of nylon, have a flexible tape section with teeth that loops through a "head with a pawl" allowing them to tighten, but not loosen. Some zip ties knows as "releasable zip ties" have a tab that can be pressed to release the ratchet so that the tie can be release or removed, and could be reused. Zip ties have unlimited applications such as in households, offices, nuclear plants, chemical plants, food and pharmaceutical industries, automobile industries, marine industries, electronic industries and many more. There are many different styles and types of zip ties and each type is ideal for a particular application. Cables Manager offers different colors and types of cables ties with tensile staring from 18 lb to 250 lb and length from 4" to 60". Our zip ties are reliable, user-friendly and affordable.
Below are some of the types of cable ties we offer:

Nylon Cable Ties

Our nylon zip ties are made from a high quality nylon and are available in a wide range of colors. With these colors you can identify your wires and cables by using the color coding system. Their smooth and rounded edges do not cut insulation or hands, and are very easy to work with.

Mounted Head Cable Ties

With these cable ties you get two products in one :) - Yes you get a cable tie mount and a cable tie.
Some have a built in mounting hole and once fastened around the cable bundle it can be simply secured to any desired surface - communication racks, walls, or ceiling with a screw or bolt. Others instead of a mounting hole feature clips which make its possible to mount cables or wires to surfaces like vehicles' chassis.

Metal Cable Ties

Metal Cable Ties are often known as Metal Detectable Zip Ties, They are made from high quality nylon material blended with iron. Standard metal-detecting equipment and X Ray Scanners can detect even a small 'cut-off' from these cable ties and hence reduce the risk of contamination leading to loss and liability. They are weather resistant and can be used efficiently in wide range of in-door as well as out-door applications

Releasable Cable Ties

As indicated above these zip ties have a tab that can be pressed to release the ratchet so that the tie can be release or removed. They are suitable for use in applications where frequent re-deployment is required - production, product development or servicing.

Extreme Temperature Cable Ties

These cable ties are suitable for use in applications taking place in a severe cold or very high temperature.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Ties are non-toxic, flame retardant and are suitable for use in places where corrosion, vibration, radiation and temperature extremes are a concern. They are mostly used in pulping, mining and chemical industries.

Installation Tools

Many cable ties are easy to install and simple using your hands you can accomplish the installation process. However if you have a hundred or thousand cable ties to install you will definitely need special tools to assist your hands in making the installation. But what type of tools? Of course Cable Tie Guns. Cable Tie Guns pull zip ties tight to the desired level of tension. Most of them will also cut the excess length. Cable Tie Guns make the installation process faster and much more efficinent and therefore save you time and money. Some cable ties will work with particular Cable Tie Gun Tools only.
Cables Manager offers many different types of Cable Tie Guns.
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