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What are Spiral Wraps?

Spiral Wraps are used to protect wires, cables and hoses from damage caused by wear and tear, and also prevent fire hazards cause by unprotected cables, wires and hoses. They have a wide range of use, from home/home office to heavy duty industrial applications.
In industrial applications hydraulic and pneumatic hoses can easily cause fire accidents, be damaged from regular abrasion, wear and tear, when used without any protection, thus negatively affecting your investment. The replacement cost of the hose and the unplanned equipment downtime causes huge production losses. Cables Manager offers spiral wraps that provide a quick and cost effective method for minimizing these production losses.
Made in the USA, our Spiral Wraps will help protect your investment from damage, wear and fire accidents while extending the service life of your valuable equipments. They are available in wide range of sizes to conform to most hose diameters.
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